Brownson Jewellers

Our door will be closed, but we will operating a click and collect service from our on line store as well as,

We are announcing a new service under the COVID-19 Alert Level 3 restrictions.

High quality Watch and Jewellery repairs done on site by Wayne Brownson.

David will be offering custom design from home using Video and Zoom, read more about this under custom design

 This service will be a Contactless Service, to insure the safety of our clients and to ourselves, and will follow the strict Government guide lines.

 This service is for all Watch, Jewellery, Ring and Eye Frame repairs.

                                                                 From Wednesday the 1st of September, the hours will be from

10 am to 2 pm

and will be available from

        Monday to Friday         


           10 am to 1 pm             

 Sunday Closed

These times and days can change, so before you leave your repair check with this site.

They will be thoroughly sanitized before we start work on the repair. It will be carried out in our special air vented cleaning room. 

This operation is needed to protect Wayne from catching the Virus (He will be working alone, I will be home trying to help).

                      Once the job has been completed, the items will again be sanitized and sealed in a plastic bag ready to be picked up.                        Gloves will be used, and hands washed before and after each job.

We have in the past cleaned items but not to this new standard which is now required.

Contactless service is for.

All Watch and Jewellery repairs including battery replacements and Eye Frame repairs.

How it will work !!!! when you wish to have a repair done

 A special unmanned secure post box at our front door

or a contactless pick up service from your home.

When you leave your item. write the following information on your packet

1: Please State if you wish to pick it up by Click & Collect 

2: Full name and address.

3: Mobile or Phone Number or both.

4: Email Address.

5: The time and date you have left it.

6: Payment. How you are going to pay. (all you do is write A, B, C or D)

    A: Cash (no change given).

    B: On line banking. 03 1566 0055451 00

    C: Pan entry by supplying your Credit Card details (These can be texted or left on the form with your details),

    D: Pay Wave.

7: Description of Item

     A: If watch name on the dial, if ring number of stones ( 1,2,3,4,5,exc)

     B: Jewellery (Pendant, Brooch ,Chain, ext )

8: What is wrong with item

    A: Watch does it have a battery, the last time it was replaced, if not what seems

         to be wrong.  

 Some cases the price will vary, but we can give estimate if required

    B: Jewellery & Rings, claws catching, link broken or band broken

    C: Eye Frame repairs

    D: Contact us and explain what you would like done

         M: Wayne 027 208 3664

         M: David   027 579 0291

9: Service time frame

    A: 1 hour service is for Battery and Eye glass repairs please state on the form if you require the 1 hour service.

         Battery replacement only,  prices from $18 > $20 usually, some special watches can go from $25 > $35

         Water testing from + $35 

         Eye glass repairs $45 to $55


B: You will be texted when job is ready to collect.

C: All other repairs will be estimates. You will be contacted with the price and approx. delivery time.

When the repair is ready. How the Click and Collect will work.

We will have a special pick up box that is fixed to the front door of our shop.

1: You will receive a text or email with

    A: Job Number.

    B: Price.

    C: Bank Details, If you wish to use on line banking pickup will be the next day unless you supply us details of payment,

2: Payment.

    A: Cash but it has to be the correct amount.

    B: Pay Wave up to $200 but check with you bank first.

    C: Pan Entry

       You will need to contact us by phone or by text or email with your card details including the name on the card and the number on the               back.This way we can pan enter you details and give you a eftpos receipt.

3: The Pickup instructions

    A: Once you have replied to our Text or email confirming how you are paying and if you have paid on line, we will then advise you the time             frame you can pick up your repair.

    B: When you arrive please stay in your car, and text us you have arrived along with you job number. This gives us time to get the job                 ready for handover.

    C: We will place your job in the collection box.

         If you are paying by Pay Wave we will enter the amount ready for you.

         If you are paying by Cash place the money in the in box.

         Remember it must be the correct amount no change will be given

4: We will text you that you can pick up the repair and make the payment if you are paying by Pay Wave or Cash.

5: We will have hand sanitizer in the collection box for you to use.

Please note all collection areas will be cleaned before and after you have picked up you repair.

We have also sanitized your repair before we have worked on it, and after we have done the repair.

Do not forget to wash your hands once you get home.

Many Thanks for your Custom, we need your support to survive.

How the Home Contactless delivery service will work.

1: Once we have received payment either by on line banking or your full card details with the number on the back, we will arrange delivery by courier.

2: Once the courier has picked up the parcel we will advise you along with the parcel number so you can the track and trace the parcel, delivery times will vary depending on how busy the couriers are.

We appreciate your service.

Wayne & David Brownson thank you for your support in these trying times.